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Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid Review

Today I’m going to talk about Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid. This car is based on Yaris & if you look closely, it’s slightly bigger than the car Yaris. Yaris Cross is built on TNGA-B platform. Which stands out for Toyota New Global Architecture.

Fuel Economy:

You won’t believe when I tell you the number. It runs 25km/liter. What? That’s like an industry leading fuel economy. With only 6 liters of fuel, you can take your friends and drive from New York to Philadelphia.

This car is designed in such a way that it stays appealing in both Japanese & European market. This car was first introduced in Japan and later in 2021 in Europe. This car is made in France, Japan, Indonesia Toyota factory.

If you look the car from top, the car actually looks like a diamond shaped car. When the car lights up it’s daytime running light, it looks really good.

The car has three versions in total, X, G & Z.

Length 4180 mm
Width 1765 mm
Height 1590 mm

The car has both 2 & 4 wheel option. The aero dynamic efficiency of this car is top notch. The bottom portion of this is completely covered, giving it more aero dynamic efficiency and better fuel economy. The vortex generator installed in this car make the car more stable in high speed.

This car has a blind spot monitor. The fender of this car is slightly bloated outwards. Its because of 2 reasons.

  1. To have more space inside the car
  2. To reduce any accident impact

The body rigidity of this car is great. Even if major accidents happen, the car will absorb all the impact and people inside will be safe.

There’s a monitor inside that track the driver. If the driver becomes drowsy, sleepy or inattentive for any reason, the system will alert the driver.

There’s a functional spoiler behind the car that creates vortex generator and increases more aero dynamic efficiency.

The backside glass is

  1. Tinted
  2. It protects from UV rays
  3. It protects from Infrared

The car has power tailgate. It has park assist sensors both at front and back. There’s a power outlet at the back. Its 1500 watt and 100 volts.


The car has a 3-cylinder hybrid engine. It generates 120 HP. It gets 80 HP from the hybrid battery and 77 HP from the engine.  The thermal efficiency of this car is 41%.

The weight of the battery pack is also very light, only 27 kg. It’s the lightest in its segment.

To make this car, Toyota built an entirely new division. This shows how much Toyota cares about this car. Do you know the name of that new division? It’s TNGA Compact Car platform.

It has a 1.5 L 1490 CC engine. This engine is really easy to maintain. It has direct drive CVT. Its better than the conventional CVT.


It has a push start button at the left of the steering.

You’ll see many buttons in the steering wheel. You’ll get adaptive cruise control. You can adjust the automatic braking length from the steering wheel. It has blind spot monitor and lane keep assist for you to have smooth driving experience. You can get a 360-degree view with the surround camera.

The seat can be adjusted in 6 ways. The heated seats will make you relax. It will reduce muscle soreness from driving too long. To connect your phones, this car has both android auto and apple car play.  

You can use Miracast Connection to view videos in the car. But I’ll suggest you not to as it diverts attention. Everything in this car can be converted into English.

There’s not a lot of space for the passengers. But then again, it’s the compact SUV. It’s not meant to have tons of space. Also, passenger can’t charge their phones as there’s no charging port at the back.

It has lots of storage space under the media player. The car has a sports steering wheel.

The turning radius of this car is really good. It’s good for the city life, where you don’t get a lot of space to turn your car, but with this car you can manage that pretty well.

It does have some engine noise while driving. The sound proofing of this car is not so good.

It’s a light car. It has body sensors in it. While driving, if anything comes close to the car, it will alert you. So that’s a plus point.

In smooth road, the car will give you a comfortable feeling. But if there’s potholes the suspension may not hold up. So, heads up for that.

The visibility is great from the driving position. You can actually see the front corners.

So that’s about it, do let me know how’d you like the review and what more you want to learn. I’ll be back with another car review.

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