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About Us

Welcome to Drift My Car.

My name is Tian, and I’m the creator of this website.

Ever since I was a young boy, I was always fascinated by cars. I wanted to go outside and drive car. It didn’t matter what the car was, as long as I was having fun looking at it.

From Toyota to Audi, Mercedes to McLaren, I’ve always had a sweet spot for cars in my heart. There are so many cars out there in the world, and I’ve only witnessed a few. I always wanted to explore more and more cars.

I enjoy writing, and I enjoy cars. So, one day I thought, why don’t I mix these two together. That’s the story of creating this website.

On this website, you will find everything related to cars. There will be tips-related content. I’ll share my journey with some specific cars. I will share my thought on individual car.

For producing content, I take a lot of time researching the ins and out of a car. So, you can be assured that you’re having quality content on this website.

If you have any query, feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your life, take care.