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Mercedes GLS 63 AMG Review

This post is all about Mercedes GLS 63 AMG.

This is a 3 row SUV. One thing you have to keep in mind is that, if you haven’t used any 3 row SUV in your entire life, then you can opt in for a 2row SUV. But if you have used one before, then it’s extremely difficult to go back.

For 3rd row SUV section, Mercedes GLS 63 AMG is a very good choice.

To some people, Marcedes is a dream car. And they want to keep their car shining for a long period of time. If you want that too, you can use paint protection film on your car. This will basically make your car shiny like its brand new.

Paint protection film not only make your car glossy, but also doesn’t let scratches ruin your car easily. If you want more information regarding this, you can talk to your local dealer.

If you like small sedan car, then this car might not be a suitable option for you. Because this car is big. When it’s on the road, people will stare at this massive car.

When you’re at the front of the car, you will be mesmerized by the big signature grill by Mercedes. Speaking of grill, another car company recently made an advertisement that certain car owners are trapped behind bars, can you tell me that name? I always like when two big car companies poke each other. It’s always great to witness such rivalry.

There are two inter coolers, as there are two turbos inside. The vent is open at the front. The bumpers are all functional.

There’s multibeam headlight technology installed in this car. If you turn on the auto high beams it will operate on its own, when its needed. This is spectacular when you use this. Once you get used to this sort of technologies there’s just no going back.

There are 23-inch rims in this car. The brake kit is this car is huge. At front you’ll get 6 piston brake kit and back you’ll get 4 piston brake kit. Quite amazing right?

It’s a 3-ton car. So, you can increase the speed as much as you want, but do keep in mind that it’s a big car, and you should be cautious playing with it.

Now let’s talk about some demerits. The standard brake pads that come with this Mercedes is not that great. You’ll feel it in your own driving. So, it’s better to use a nicer brake pad as soon as you can.

This Mercedes comes with Michelin tires. While it has a race flag in it, don’t get too excited yet. These tires are good in smooth roads. But if you’re driving in dusty / rainy roads, then the grip will be horrible.

There’s a functional roof rack on the top. There’s functional quad exhaust at the back. These are basically valve tonic exhaust. What does that mean? That means you will only hear exhaust sounds if you drive the car in sport or sport plus mode.

You won’t get any spare wheels with this car.

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