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JDM Honda Civic FL1 Review

If you’re a Honda lover, then I’ve got good news for you. I’ll be reviewing the new JDM Honda Civic FL1. So, what does JDM mean?

JDM means Japanese Domestic Market. And FL1 represents the chassis code. You guys probably know Thai Civic, but JDM Civic, it’s the real deal. This model is basically a hatchback.

The front of the car is really aggressive. It has projection LED headlights that move with the steering wheel. There are LED fog lights and park assist sensors installed in the bumper.

The grill at the front has enough open space for air to enter and cool down the radiator.

The car comes with 235 40 tires. There’s a built-in washer with wiper blades so that you can clean the windshield easily.

From the driver’s seat, you will get better visibility. Honda designed this car in such a way that it gets more lights inside.

There’s a diffuser at the back with a bumper, which is quite functional if you ask me. The car has dual exhausts which looks very appealing from the back.

There’s a rear windshield washer nozzle and a wiper to keep your back windshield clean and glossy.

There’s a shark fin at the top of the car, which makes it more aggressive.

If we take a look at the trunk, there’s a huge space to store anything and everything. There’s a nice tonneau cover which can be minimized. 

You can put an extra tire and the total cargo capacity is 410 liters. If you want more space then you can just fold the passenger seats down and that will give you more space to play with.

If you’re into golf then you can store an entire golf club inside the trunk.

The sound system is industry-special Bose audio. Now you can enjoy your car ride with an epic sound system.

Let’s talk about the powerful engine that runs this car. The car has a 1.5 L Turbocharged engine. This engine produces 180 horsepower and 240 NM of torque. Talk about the power this car has.

When you drive this car, you’ll feel amazing. The noise insulation in this car is much improved than the previous generation.

The weight distribution of this car is so balanced that you won’t feel any discomfort riding this car.

There are in total 3 driving modes in this car

  1. Econ
  2. Normal
  3. Sport

When you throttle this car, the AC compression is turned off automatically, so that the engine gets less load.

This car feels great to drive in both the city and highways.

The car is so smart, it will guide you from time to time. It has lane keep assist, autonomous braking, driver alert system. You can access all these features on the right side of the steering wheel.

The honeycomb grill inside the interior will give you a premium vibe.

This has Apple car play and Android auto-wired. Once you sync your phone with this car, you will need nothing else.

If I talk about the passenger seats, 3 people can sit easily. There’s enough legroom & headroom available even for a person who’s 6’. Passengers can adjust the AC from behind. 

There’s an armrest in the passenger seat. So, people can ride in comfort.

Let me know what you think about this car.

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