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How to Strip a Car

Have you ever seen a car fully striped? When a car only has a metallic body and nothing else on it, that means it is striped. But why do people strip a car anyway? You may ask.

Well, for starters, a car has many components inside. When you strip a car, you get tons of parts. If you have multiple cars, then you can use those striped parts in other vehicles. 

Also, you can sell the parts in the local market. You can also sell them on eBay.

And last but not least, when you strip a car, you can get it toed for money as well. I mean, there are people out there who will take your striped car from you (basically the skeleton) and give you money based on the condition. How cool is that?

Before task

Before starting to strip anything, be sure to jack the car. Put it on a ramp, and use a couple of jacks. Give it a strong push to make sure it doesn’t move from its place. When it’s fully up hanging, it’s time to strip the car down.

There are many screws and nuts in a car, so removing them with only manual tools will take so much time. Instead, you can carry some power tools which will make your job easier.


First, remove the hood. The hood is pretty heavy, make sure it doesn’t fall on you.

After removing the hood, remove the front bumper. After the bumper is off, you can take off the headlights easily. 

Headlights are expensive and you can actually make a decent profit selling them on the aftermarket if you don’t need them. Make sure you don’t drop the headlights and break them during the process.


Then you can remove the side skirts and then focus on the doors. Doors are normally pretty easy to strip. Just a couple of bolts and you’re good to go.

The thing with doors is they are pretty heavy. I mean it won’t come to your mind that they can be heavy, but a single door piece can go up to 30~40 kg.


Then you can make your way to the trunk. Remove the trunk. In the trunk, there might be an extra tire. Take that tire. Clean the entire trunk space and remove any remaining electrical wires that might be present there.

After you’re done with everything, you can easily remove the rear lights and rear bumper. Also, there will be some weather strips that you can keep for future usage. Weather strips are mainly there so that no water can get inside the vehicle during rainfall.


Now, you can strip the interior. Just take the seats off. There will be floor mats and carpets which you can remove. For removing panels, you can use panel removal tools. After removing the panels you can take off the center console and headliner.

Now that we have got everything from the front and back. And side also, it’s time to take things off from the engine bay area.

But before that, give yourself a pat, because you’ve made it this far. I’m proud of you.


Now in the engine area, to make things easier, make sure you invest in some good tools. Like an impact gun for example, or maybe hose clamp pliers. These tools will make your life easy. You have no idea how much time these tools will save you.

Once you get all the parts out of your strip car, you can make a full list of them and you can put their values accordingly. You can easily sell them and make a profit.

Not only that, you can also increase the value of your car where you can use some of these tools.

After you’re done with everything, make sure you grab all of the tools from the strip car and you have nothing left behind.

Then you can call the scrap yard and they will tow the car from your garage.

You can keep all the parts in your garage, also the list I told you earlier to make, that list will remind you about the parts.

If you need any parts to repair any car from your garage, all you have to do is, take a look into the list and grab whatever you need.

That’s the fun of having tons of car parts in your collection. But you might wonder, how do I purchase a parts car? Well, I have a detailed post on that topic as well. Make sure to check that.

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