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How To Start a Car That Has Been Sitting For Months

You haven’t used your car for a long time and now you’re having trouble starting it. Has this ever happened to you? If you haven’t started your car for months, you should probably check a few things.

Before even starting your car for the first time in months, you should check whether the keys can get inside and out easily. You can use dry lock lube to make it smoother inside the lock.

Just be careful not to spray too much dry-lock lube. Just spray once and it should work like magic.

Now that the key problem is solved let’s talk about the next issue.

One thing about the car is, they are not meant to sit around. When you don’t use your car you will find parts of it getting rusty. Also, you will find different problems in your Engine & Transmission. That’s why it’s very important to use your vehicle regularly.

When you don’t use your car, your car becomes home to something. Do you know the answer?

Yes, animals. They make a nest in your car engine. And if you don’t inspect properly and turn your engine on, there’s a chance that the hot engine can create fire. So, before anything check whether there’s any nest built by animals or not.

Then you should check the engine oil. There can be old oil or absolutely no oil. First, drain the oil. You can keep a bowl to collect the old oil. Then change the oil filter. You can write the mileage on the oil filter so that you can keep a tab on when you last changed the oil filter. Then just refill the engine oil.

While pouring the oil, use a funnel. Also, pour the oil from the container sideways. That way you can pour smoothly and no oil will be wasted.

The next thing you want to do is use fogging oil in your engine cylinders. When you keep your cars idle for a long time, the cylinders become dry and all the oil falls down. That’s why you should use some fogging oil in the cylinders.

The process is actually very easy. Just remove the sparks plug wires and then remove the spark plugs.

Now that you have the spark plugs in your hand, you can examine them also. Make sure the spark plugs have no cracks in the ceramics.

Using fogging oil is very easy. Spray for 1-2 seconds in the spark plug holes and it will make the walls of the cylinder slippery. Which is actually good. Just repeat the process for each spark plug hole and the upper combustion chamber is now good to go.

You should also drain your gas tank. When you keep your car sitting for a long time it will have old gas in it. And old gas doesn’t burn as well as new gas.

Now how to drain your gas tank? Good question.

It’s actually pretty easy. Just grab a hose and push it in the gas tank until it hits the bottom of it. Then attach a pump to the hose. Now pump out the gas. It’s fairly easy.

Once it’s done pour new gas.

Now one more thing to check before starting the car is to check your car coolant. There should be a minimum amount of coolant present in your car. Check that, if there’s no coolant then refill it.

The next thing you want to check is the power steering fluid. There’s a minimum level line and a maximum level line indicated outside the power steering fluid box. Just make sure you have enough fluid in it.

The next thing you want to check is the brake fluid. There’s also a minimum & maximum level line here like the power steering fluid.

Now you can try to start your car. But as you didn’t use your car for a long period of time, chances are the battery is dead. So what do you need to do now?

You need to jump-start your battery.

You don’t need another car to jump-start your battery. You can have something called mini jump starters. With the mini jump starter, you will have the cables. Attach the black one to the negative and the red one to the positive.

If the car doesn’t start yet, you can use some starter Fluid and spray it into the fuel pump.

Then try again to start your car. It should be running now.

So that’s a wrap.

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