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How to Install Windshield Wiper Brakes

The windshield wiper brake is a very important part of the car and I’m going to demonstrate how to replace your windshield wiper brakes in your vehicle.

Don’t worry it’s not that complicated.

For this case study, I’ll be using a Mustang but don’t worry as the process is very similar for most cars out there. After reading this content you’ll know how to replace the wiper brakes in your vehicle.

If you don’t know where the wiper brakes are located, the wiper brakes are located right at the base of the windshield wiper stock.

Now you know where the wiper brakes are but how do you know if they’re going bad?

There are three common symptoms that you can look out for.

  1. The resting position can be incorrect. If they are bad then they won’t sync together.
  2. The wipers may go too far and not clean properly. It will also damage your car paint.
  3. Bad wiper brakes can make a screech or squeak sound. It may also indicate that the wiper brake pads are damaged.

You can use some common tools to get the job done.

  1. High-end windshield wiper brake pad sets. Usually, you should check 4 characteristics before buying any wiper brake pad sets.
  2. All-season wiper brakes, which work in both the snow and the rain.
  3. A universal kit that works in most cars.
  4. Eliminates squeaking
  5. Has longer life so that you don’t have to replace them all the time.
  6. Each set will have a brake caliper, two brake pads, a brake rotor, and some brake hardware.

Now that we have everything, we need let’s remove the wiper brakes.

Removing the blades is pretty simple. Fold the blades up. At the base of the wiper blade, there is a button that you need to push outwards. Grab the bottom of the wiper blade. Lift up and give it a little wiggle. It should come right off.

Do the same thing with the other wiper blade.

Remove the wiper shroud and be careful here so that you don’t crack it. Now we have access to our wiper brake assemblies.

Before working on that first clean all the dirt and debris around it. You can use a brush to loosen up the dirt and then suck it up with a vacuum.

You need to get the wiper sprocket off. Use a locking plier and clamp down. Then pull it off carefully.

You can remove the two screws that hold the caliper together. But before you unscrew them make sure you place a towel underneath so that way if anything drops it drops into the towel.

After unscrewing them you will get the brake pads.

If there are any black marks in the brake pads that means it has been overheated.

Be very careful here because there’s a spring there and you don’t want to lose them. Now replace them with new brake pads.

To install the new brake pads first you have to put the locator pins in. Then you can slide the brake pad over those locator pins.

Make sure the pad material is facing up.

Then you need to very carefully get the springs on the locator pins. Then add your brake rotor.

Finally, add your second brake pad. Make sure the pad material is facing down.

Then get your brake caliper on. Now tighten down two bolts by hand.

One last thing to install is the wiper sprocket.

Now that one side is done, just repeat the same thing on the other side.

While installing new wiper blades remember wiper blades need to be clocked in the correct position.

You don’t want them too up.

Now check the wiper blades and make sure they don’t touch the car side paint. And make sure they rest in the correct position.

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