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How to Install Racing Seats in Your Car

Imagine driving your car and every time you take a sharp turn, you get thrown away to the side of the seat just because you have a normal stock seat.

Maybe you want to drift with your car. But with those stock seats installed, you can say goodbye to your drifting passion. In this article, I’m going to talk about all the benefits of having a racing seat and how to install a racing seat.

Racing seats will give you tremendous side support. If you have good side support then it’s one less thing to worry about while driving. Also, you can add a harness to your seat as well. A 6-strap harness will keep you tucked in.

But if you are not racing or drifting then its an overkill.

Before purchasing any racing seat, make sure the seat is FIA-rated so that it gives you extra safety in your driving experience.

Stock seats that you get with the car are heavier. Racing seats are lighter, so not only you’re getting good grip but you’re also reducing weight from your car.

Also, I want you to do an experiment, check 2 cars. One with stock normal seats and another with bucket racing seats. Which one looks better in your eyes? Definitely the one with the racing kits on.

So, if you want to amplify your car’s elegance, you can give racing seats a try.

Before installing any racing seats, you have to remove the stock seats. I mean, it’s a given. Removing seats is actually really easy you see. Usually, seats have 4 fasteners/nuts . 2 at the front & back each.

Just slide the seat backward and remove the 2 fasteners at the front. Then slide the seat forward and remove the 2 fasteners at the back.

Before lifting the entire seat, make sure you check underneath the seat. Normally the passenger seat doesn’t have any electrics wires underneath, but it’s better to check anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Under the driver seat, there’s normally an airbag connecting cable. So, you do want to remove them safely before lifting the seat. Otherwise, there’s a risk of damaging the wires.

For more safety purposes you should disconnect the negative cable of the battery so that you don’t get electrocuted while removing any electrical wires underneath the seat.

After you remove the stock seats, it’s always a good idea to clean the floor underneath the car. Just a little bit of brushing will make it look elegant. Once you install the racing seats, you won’t get this chance again to clean that portion.

You can weigh both stock seats and racing seats and see for yourself how much weight you’re reducing in total. It will give you a satisfaction that you can’t imagine.

One thing about the brackets that lie under the racing seats is that even though it is made universal, it may not fit your car. So you have to test and check whether all the holes fit perfectly or not.

One thing that you can do is, check for the racing seats made specifically for your car model. But even after that, you may find it difficult to install it, if some holes don’t match.

Then what’s the solution for that?

Don’t panic as you can easily solve this. Mark the areas that need to be drilled and drill that bracket yourself. If you’re afraid of drilling or you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then ask one of your friends to do it for you. Later you can treat him with chocolate, what say?

Once you install the brackets, you need to attach the side mount to your seat. If you watch carefully, there are two holes on each side of the chair. You can adjust your seat angle while attaching the side mount.

Also when you think of stock seats, they are different than racing seats. For starters, stock seats don’t have two holes on the top. You can guide your seat belts through that hole and it will keep you safe.

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