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How to Install a Kill Switch in Your Car

Have you ever parked your car somewhere and worried that your car might get stolen? Do you use your car on a regular basis and are worried about its safety?

If your answer is Yes then this article is perfect for you. I’ll discuss how to install a kill switch in your car so that no one can steal your precious car.

Once you have this kill switch installed, the thief won’t be able to start your car. Even if they have the keys.

Random strangers can do wire manipulation, they can push your car, and they might have the keys to your car. But your car won’t start. Thanks to the kill switch.

You might be wondering, this kill switch thing will be way too expensive. Well, it’s exactly the opposite. The switch only costs a couple of bucks. And you don’t even have to go to any mechanic. You can install it yourself.

So, here’s a list of all the things you need to get this done.

  1. A kill switch
  2. A packet of crimp connectors
  3. 16 Gage wires
  4. Multimeter
  5. Crimping Pliers
  6. Wire Strippers
  7. Heat gun

These are basically common household tools. If you just buy them once, it will serve you a long time.

So, before diving into the actual installation. First, let’s understand what is happening. Basically the science behind it.

Your car mainly has a battery. The battery is 12 volts. When you’re turning on your engine, your car computer sends a signal to the relay which which receives that 12-volt power and sends that to the fuel pump.

Now in order to make this kill switch work, we need to block that signal. We can not let 12-volt power go into the fuel pump.

So, you have to find the fuel pump relay and find that wire that’s responsible for that 12-volt battery power. I think it’s not too complicated.

Just find the right relay, then find the right wire, then install the switch.

So the fuel pump relay will be placed in different locations in different cars. Just check the owner’s manual of your car and you will find it easily.

Once you figure out the fuel pump relay, you can easily take out that. Don’t pull the cables as it might damage the cables. Just hold the plastic part and take it out easily.

So the first part is done, we now have the fuel pump relay. But what about the wire?

To identify the wire, we’ll need a multimeter. Just connect the ground wire to a metal surface. Use the red probe and check all the wires one by one. But before doing so you need to do one more thing.

Pop the engine hood and disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Any time you’re doing any electrical work, make sure to do this. Otherwise, accidents can happen.

So, now check all the wires and one of them will have 12 volts in it. Identify that particular wire.

Our next work is to place a kill switch in that wire.

First, cut the wire in the middle. Make sure the cut is in the middle and not at any end.

Then use a wire stripper to strip the upper wire part. If you have a wire stripper your life will be easier than ever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Where am I going to place the kill switch?

Well, it needs to be hidden. It needs to be somewhere where it’s easy for you to access, but when a thief is trying to break into your car, he won’t find it.

That’s why it’s really important to be creative down here. Different cars have different secret places. So, I’ll leave that to you.

But for starters, you can use the space underneath your seat. Also, you can use the glove compartment box. But the end decision is yours.

If the wire that’s connected to the kill switch is near any metal surface, then it’s better to use a rubber wire protector. That way, the wires inside won’t get affected by the metal surface ever.

Now use a 16-gage wire to connect to the fuel pump relay. Then connect the 16-gage wires to the kill switch wires.

After connecting everything, make sure you tape them properly. So they are not exposed openly. Also, you can keep them inside a pipe and hide them properly.

That’s basically it. You now have your own kill switch installed. Only you know the location of the kill switch. So, any car thief will have a hard time finding it when he wants to steal your car.

If you like this article make sure to check my other car-related content. Also, share this content with your friends and family so that they can keep their vehicles safe.

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