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How to Clean the Windshield Outside

When you step inside your car, what’s the view you see the most from your driver’s seat? It’s the view through the windshield. That’s why it’s really important to keep your windshield clean. You have to have a nice clear view otherwise it’s risky driving.

When you’re out driving, the weather can be different from time to time. It can rain cats and dogs, it can snow. Whatever the weather is, if you do some quick hacks with your windshield, it will stay clean and give you a clear view.

The process I’m going to share now will work in every car.

First, just spray some water and clean the windshield for any unwanted substance.

Then, you can use any glass cleaner you like, just keep in mind that the glass cleaner doesn’t have any harmful chemicals.

Spray some glass cleaner on your windshield. Now you need to rub the glass cleaner evenly on top of your windshield.

Don’t use any paper towel or used cloth or paper. Using this to clean your windshield will only make it worse.

Instead, use a microfiber towel. Use that towel to rub evenly. Microfiber towel is soft, easy to use, it grabs all the dirt.

You can already see a shine in your car windshield, but we’re not done yet. We have many more things to do which will make the windshield even more irresistible.

Grab a clay bar that is suitable for car glass. Spray some water on your windshield. Grab the clay bar and gently rub it in every corner of the windshield.

When you’re cleaning the windshield with the clay bar, there may be times when you’ll feel stuck moving the clay bar. It means you’re on top of sticky dirt, and run that place with a clay bar to remove that dirt.

After cleaning the windshield with a clay bar, spray soapy water again and clean that with a microfiber cloth.

At this point, your windshield is pretty clean but it’s wet. Now you can use a clean dry microfiber towel to clean the windshield and make it dry.

If you notice something carefully, we are only using microfiber towels in every situation. That’s because a microfiber towel doesn’t leave any unwanted stain in the windshield and it’s very delicate to use.

After doing all these, you can use car wax on your windshield. This will give your windshield more protection and no matter what the weather condition, water, snow, or bird poop won’t stuck on your windshield.

Take some car wax in a microfiber towel and rub it on the windshield evenly. After you’re done applying, leave it alone for 10-15 minutes. After that use another microfiber towel to remove the wax.

You didn’t think you’d leave the car wax there like this forever, did you?
Now, your windshield is properly cleaned and protected.

That’s about it. But we only cleaned the outside of the windshield. What about the inside of the windshield?
Well, my friend for that you can follow this post right here.
Now take a ride in your car and enjoy the clean windshield.

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