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How to Clean the Windshield Inside

Having a clean windshield is a must when it comes to driving. But we emphasize the outside of the windshield more than the inside. Whereas the inside is just as important and deserves to be cleaned on a regular basis.

If you haven’t cleaned your outside windshield then you’re in luck because I’ve the most detailed post on how to clean the windshield outside. Do give it a read.

Now that you have outside sorted, let’s tackle inside.
But before that, we need to know the causes of inside dirt. As you might wonder, the outside gets dirty from dirt and debris on the road, the inside should stay clean. What makes the inside windshield go all hazy?

Almost all dashboards in cars are made of plastic. When the sunlight falls on it, it becomes hot and starts evaporating. It creates an oily film on the glass surface. That oily film is basically dirt and very hard to remove. Also, people often times smoke inside the car. That smoke can make the windshield glass go hazy as well.

First, you need some microfiber towels. If you don’t have any then I’d suggest you buy some because these microfiber towels are pretty handy. They are easy to use, and they take off all the dirt easily. As they are soft and smooth, they don’t leave any strain on the glass either. So, it’s always a good choice to use microfiber towels instead of paper towels or used cloths, etc.

You need to clean the whole windshield inside part with a clean microfiber towel. It doesn’t have to be wet. The purpose is to remove as much dirt as possible before moving on to the next step.

Next, you want to use any type of rubbing alcohol. Just have some rubbing alcohol in your microfiber towel, and clean the windshield properly. Don’t let the alcohol dry there. Get a dry towel and clean the alcohol from the glass. The rubbing alcohol will remove the oily film from the glass.

After you’re done with the rubbing alcohol part, you need to use any type of glass cleaner. But don’t spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass. Spraying directly will be a mess. Instead, spray the cleaner directly on the microfiber towel, and use that towel to clean the entire glass.

Afterward, use a dry towel to rub it off. That’s pretty much it, you now have a clean windshield from both inside and outside.

When you’re cleaning the inside part of the windshield, it may be difficult from time to time, as there’s limited space to move your hand.
Nonetheless, be patient and try to clean slowly one part at a time. The whole thing will be finished in no time.

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