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How to Change C4 Corvettes Battery

The C4 Corvette is a classic fine 2-seater car. Just imagine you’re taking out your C4 Corvette and everyone is giving you a jealous look. Everyone wants to ride that C4, but only a few can ride it. It’s a different type of swag I tell you.

But all of a sudden, you’re having battery issues in your car. Now you don’t know what to do because you’ve never changed any car battery in your entire life.

Well, fear not, as this guide will help you change the battery in your C4 Corvette.

So, you might be wondering, exactly when to change your battery. Well, the C4 Corvette actually shows you its battery condition. When you turn on your car engine and keep it in the run position, it will show you how many volts it’s getting from the battery.

If it’s less than 13, then you should definitely change the battery. Also, keep this in check every once in a while, because you don’t want to have a dead car in the middle of nowhere.

So, to change the battery, you need to take a portion of the car off. You can’t just access the C4 battery without that. So, to take that off, you need to unscrew a couple of bolts. Just carefully unscrew them with ranch.

It’s better if you have a toolbox because that comes with ranch, different dimensions of sockets, Allen wrench because different parts may require different types of tools.

In the battery, you will see positive and negative terminals. And guess what, those things have screws also. Is it called screws or bolts? Let me know in the comment section below.

So carefully take those terminals off and make sure you safely put down the negative terminal in such a way that it doesn’t ground itself. You don’t want any accidents to happen.

There will be one last bolt to open and that will be inside. So, you’ll need a wrench with an extension to unbolt that easily. Once that is out, you’re free to move the battery.

Now, the battery doesn’t come off from the top. You actually have to slide it outwards. It’s not hard. Just wiggle it a little bit and it should come right off.

If there’s any dirt sitting there, you might as well clean that also. Because you won’t be seeing that portion for another couple of years, not before this battery’s dead right? So, it’s always a good idea to clean any dusty place in your car.

Just put the new battery in, just the way you took your old battery out. Slide it in, and wiggle the battery a bit. Once it’s inside, you will feel that it’s in place. That use that long ranch to bolt that screw.

Carefully place the battery and tighten the bolt. Make sure it doesn’t move when you take that smooth corner while driving.

Now carefully plug the positive and negative terminals. First, go with the positive terminal then the negative one. Make sure you don’t over-tight them. It’s really easy to break them. You just want to carefully tighten them, not break them.

Once you’re done installing the battery, then put the car slide in its place and tighten all the bolts associated with it. Use appropriate tools while needed.

Everything’s in place, but you need to check whether the battery’s working or not. Just get back to your driving seat and turn on the engine. The screen should display your battery volts.

If it’s less than 13 don’t panic, just start your engine, rev it up, and take it out for a quick spin maybe. Then you’ll see the battery volt jumping up.
So that’s about it, Let me know if you faced any issues changing it. If you like this sort of content, be sure to check out my other car-related content on this website as well.

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